Scoliosis Month

Month of Scoliosis is an unprecedented event that has been taking place at the Chiropractic Student Clinic at Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières since 2010. It is intended for the transfer of knowledge to 5th year chiropractic interns who will integrate into clinical practice a recent body of evidence-based data into this, even today, still largely unknown pathology.

With real scoliotic subjects in this hand-on workshops series, Chiropractic Interns will be initiated to state-of-the-art screening procedures and 3D postural evaluation. They will learn how to conduct a scoliosis-specific physical examination as well as record keeping, and will be taught how to draw useful information from the X-Rays taken on the patient. Once scoliosis has been diagnosed, these future doctors of chiropractic will be directed to clear guidelines for an efficient clinical management of the patient, with special intention towards inter-professional collaboration.

A scientific conference, this time accessible to all health professionals, is also an integral part of the program because we invite every year researchers working in the field of scoliosis to talk to us about their research.